Traveling to Portugal – Restrictions – Update June 2020

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From June 15 until June 30 international flights to and from Portugal are forbidden with the following exceptions:

  1. Countries associated with the Schengen Areas (Lichtenstein, Norway, Iceland, and Switzerland)
  2. Lusophone countries – flights from Brazil will only depart from São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro; 
  3. United Kingdom, United States of America, Venezuela, Canada, and South Africa; 

These restrictions do not impact European Union nationals, nationals of countries associated with the Schengen Area space, and holders of a legal residency permit of EU country. 

Taking into consideration the COVID-19 spread in Spain, the Portuguese Government has decided to restrict flights coming from and to Spain.

This restriction does not apply to Portugal nationals and holders of a valid residency permit. Nevertheless, the biggest challenge will be finding direct flights to Portugal. 

Despite the flight restrictions to providing from and with destination to Spain, the Portuguese Government has decided to open nine land entry points in the border with Spain. 

Furthermore, Portuguese Consulates have reopened their services for the issuance of residence visas, resuming immigration procedures to Portugal.

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