Notarial Acts and Registry Law

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If you are interested in:

  • Authentication of documents and contracts
  • Certification of documents
  • Notary Services in Portugal
  • Commercial Registry
  • Land Registry
  • Civil Registry
  • Inheritance & Probate
  • Translations
  • Apostille Service

Notarial Acts in Portugal

Our corporate and private client teams assist with the notarial acts in matters such as:

  • Drafting and execution of Powers of Attorney
  • Authentication of signatures
  • Certification of documents
  • Certification of true copies
  • Certification of translations
  • Apostille service in Portugal
  • Oaths and affidavits

We also assist with legal translations of Government documents and Consulate Legalization.

The impact of notarial acts ranges from representation and mandate issues to certification of documents for immigration, education or business purposes, including the authentication of business transactions and documentation in multiple languages.

Since 2006, Portuguese lawyers are authorized to perform notarial acts that had been exclusively conducted by a Notary Public.

For recurrent assistance for corporations, please visit our Corporate Housekeeping page.

Registry Law

Our Registry Law practice assists clients in filing registry and amending registrations with the Portuguese Land Registry, Portuguese Commercial Registry, and the Portuguese Civil Registry.

We liaise with and represent our clients before Notaries Public, the Portuguese Land Registry, Commercial Registry, and Civil Registry to:

  • File registry applications
  • File registry appeals and claims
  • Obtain information on companies and directors
  • Obtain information on real estate properties
  • Scheduling, preparation, and execution of public deeds.

These services are fundamental in real estate or commercial disputes, naturalization and citizenship processes, marriage license applications, and probate and inheritance processes in Portugal.

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