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M&A in Portugal

GFDL’s lawyers have extensive experience in advising clients worldwide in several business sectors on all aspects of acquiring or disposing of a Portuguese company. We advise, mediate, negotiate and implement our client’s strategies.

We represent both buyers and sellers, regarding transactions in multiple sectors of activity, and both share and asset deals.

The acquisition of a Portuguese company requires lawyers that are experts in legal and tax matters, knowledgeable of accounting as well as other interconnected business and financial matters.

A good legal team will conduct thorough and detailed due diligence, carefully identifying eventual red flags that translate into future liabilities for the client.

Our team advises on the multiple legal aspects of an M&A transaction and assists in the due diligence of the target company. We review all aspects regarding tax, commercial contracts, employment contracts and policies, regulations, corporate documents, and financing.

To avoid pitfalls, it is also key for the legal team to fully understand the culture and linguistic workings of this jurisdiction, while also be able to convey all information in a clear, linguistically precise and technically sound manner.

We coordinate our work with other professionals involved in the deal, review and validate their inputs to safeguard our client’s best interest. We carefully draft term sheets, contracts, legal opinions, letters and notices to implement an acquisition or a disposal.

Our team understands business and accounting and has valuable experience in several industry sectors allowing our clients to make informed and educated business decisions.

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