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Comprehensive debt collection and fraud related litigation services.

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Debt recovery services

GFDL Advogados regularly assists foreign and domestic companies regarding asset or debt recovery or collection in Portugal.

We have extensive experience in representing foreign clients in relation to business disputes in several sectors. We also assist with undisputed and unpaid debts.

We advise clients on their exposures to distressed companies, debt recovery, and cross-border insolvency procedures. Our team provides a strategic approach to debt collection, particularly where other interests are at stake.

If it is in the client’s best interest, we endeavor to settle cases out of court. Our team is experienced in negotiating settlements in every stage of the process.

We are also acquainted with using multiple pre-litigation and litigation strategies and dispute resolution models. We act on our client’s behalf and assist them during every procedural stage of court proceedings where litigation cannot be avoided.

We advise on the use of precautionary and interim measures to ensure our client’s rights are preserved. Our business-oriented practice provides pragmatic advice so that each client can make an informed commercial decision on the best legal action to take.

Our team has a comprehensive knowledge of the discrepancies between local and foreign debt collection systems.

Fraud-related litigation and asset recovery

Fraud, scams, and financial crimes often have a devastating impact on individuals, businesses, and organizations.

Our team is equipped with extensive knowledge of financial investigations, forensic accounting, and legal strategies. We have a proven track record of successfully tracing and recovering assets across various fraud cases, including business email compromise, investment scams, money laundering, and more.

Portuguese law provides fraud victims with both criminal and civil remedies. Victims can seek recovery and damages through civil courts, though asset tracing and specific evidence gathering for fraud cases are not generally available. In criminal proceedings, victims can participate as civil parties, allowing for asset recovery claims and access to extensive investigative powers. Therefore, bringing asset recovery claims within criminal proceedings is often more advantageous, with options like asset seizure and evidence-gathering procedures being unavailable in civil cases.

Asset tracing and recovery often require collaboration and cooperation with multiple stakeholders, including law enforcement agencies, financial institutions, and international counterparts. Our extensive network of contacts and strategic alliances allows us to navigate cross-border complexities and leverage global resources.

We prioritize client confidentiality, ensuring that sensitive information is handled with the utmost care and discretion. Our team operates within the boundaries of legal and regulatory frameworks, ensuring that all actions are conducted ethically and within the confines of the law.


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