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Corporate Housekeeping

As an autonomous entity, a corporation’s existence is contingent on the timely fulfillment of several formalities, ranging from corporate filings, tax and compliance obligations, and licensing requirements.

GFDL provides the necessary services for companies to comply with all government requirements. This includes corporate or contract examination, drafting and management, compliance surveys, corporate filings, due diligence, Data Privacy, debt collection and litigation. We also advise on company/shareholder interactions and disputes.

We can assist our clients with all matters related to the process of establishing and managing a business in Portugal. We assist companies of all sizes and industries forming subsidiaries or branches in Portugal and keeping a suitable organizational structure.

This service is especially valuable when Portuguese subsidiaries are part of a larger international group with Directors living in other jurisdictions. Our practice allows companies, at an early stage, to focus on operational matters rather than corporate, tax, employment, and other legal or tax matters.

Our multidisciplinary teams have expertise in the relevant fields of law and can assist with convening general shareholders meetings, appointment and removal of directors, board resolutions and bookkeeping.

Most corporate documentation must still be drafted and filed with Government Authorities in Portuguese. Our firm assists with legal translations of such documentation for filing purposes or the perusal of all stakeholders.

For additional information, visit our Notarial Services page.

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