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Trailblazer Businesses & Projects

Business is accelerating at full speed, often time beyond the boundaries of regulation.

Regulations both challenge and are challenged by businesses. This constant interaction and evolution led GFDL to the setup of a particular practice: Trailblazer Businesses.

Our firm’s long-term strategic focus has been on industries that are being disrupted by technology or out of the box thinking. We have developed the expertise to ensure first movers have a clear competitive edge.

We provide the legal tools for disruptive businesses to tread with confidence in unregulated territory by adapting new methods and processes to existing regulation.

GFDL advises on both sides of the spectrum, smoothing the transition between traditional and disruptive industries. We assist traditional businesses in facing and adapting to new ways and methods of doing business as well as guiding disruptive enterprises in navigating through old-world regulation.

Whether the absence of law is a limitation or an opportunity requires legal expertise and foresight. We interact with regulators on our client’s behalf to understand the best paths to take and provide valuable legal inputs for product development, filing of regulatory applications and business structuring.

Advising new and established players and institutions in designing, developing or investing in new technologies and strategies, regardless of the size of the investment target, is one of the cornerstones of our daily practice.

Industry sectors include Medicinal Cannabis, Media, IT and AI, Fintech & Blockchain, Health & Life Sciences.

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