Tax & Social Security

Comprehensive advisory for businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals.

Practice Focus

Corporate Taxation

We offer a complete set of services aimed at avoiding unnecessary tax and Social Security pitfalls and liabilities. GFDL offers advisory that helps multi-national enterprises structuring their business strategy in a tax efficient manner.

Our tax team advises regularly on:

  • Tax structuring, planning and risk management
  • Tax compliance & General reporting obligations
  • Company operations
  • Ownership transfer
  • International double taxation
  • Incentives Programs
  • Cryptocurrency related tax issues
  • IP protection, enforcement & tax planning
  • M&A deals
  • Capital repatriation strategies
  • Investment, holding and disinvestment stages

Personal Income Taxation

Where tax is concerned, our focus is value creation for the client.

GFDL advises domestic and international private clients, including entrepreneurs, investors, senior executives and their families.

Gift and Estate Tax Planning

Our team regularly advises on sustainable tax strategies that will help you avoid excessive transaction and management costs.

Often we advise on the structuring of estates and wills, provide advice on family gifts, asset holding and disposal strategies, and the interaction of trusts with continental law systems.

Tax disputes

Our Tax Dispute team provides expert tax litigation and dispute resolution services, including filing Court and Arbitration proceedings.

We assist at negotiations and disputes with the Tax Authorities and the Social Security Authorities.

Tax Compliance

Enterprises are required to comply with a wide array of ancillary obligations.

Failing to comply holds an unacceptable risk.

We provide a wide range of compliance services for resident and non resident individuals and companies:

  • VAT desk (filing and advisory)
  • Corporate Income Tax estimates and filing;
  • Personal Income Tax filing;
  • Property transfer tax structuring;
  • General reporting obligations.

How we can help

  • Corporate & Personal Income Tax Compliance
  • Forensic work
  • Tax optimization
  • VAT Desk
  • Risk assessment
  • Litigation

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