Portugal – State of Contingency September 2020

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An overview of the new measures to be implemented today by the Portuguese Government following the Covid19 outbreak.

State of Contingency – September 2020

The Portuguese Government approved several new measures that will come into force in 15 September 2020. These measures are preemptive in nature and are part of the future state of contingency in continental Portugal.

Some of the new measures to be implemented include:

  • Gatherings are limited to ten individuals
  • Commercial stores are not allowed to open to the public before 10:00 AM
  • Commercial stores must be close at a time to be defined by each Town Hall, between 8PM and 11PM
  • Gathering in mall food courts are limited to groups of four
  • The sale of liquor is prohibited in gas station and other shops after 8PM – restriction does not apply to restaurants
  • Sports events will take place without an attendance
  • Alcohol consumption is banned in public places

Schools will need to implement contingency plans and acquire sanitizing products in line with the General Health Service’s guidelines.

Cafes and bakeries within 300 meters of a school will only allow groups up to four

In the Lisbon and Porto metropolitan areas, companies will be requested to adopt the follow measures:

  • Non overlapping shifts
  • Remote work rotation
  • Non overlapping work hours
  • Different times for breaks or lunch breaks

Download this insight in pdf file.

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