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Portugal FinLab is a special venue for innovators, incumbent institutions regulatory authorities to discuss, with a pioneering feature of joining all the financial regulators in one single innovation hub. The purpose of this forum is to support the development of innovative solutions in FinTech and related areas through cooperation and mutual understanding.

The FinLab is the result of a formal partnership between the Bank of Portugal, the Securities Market Commission, the Insurance Sector Regulator and Portugal Fintech starting in September. Innovative companies in Fintech, Insurtech and RegTech areas are present and want to know and discuss regulatory limits and legal issues.

By stating in a single document the relevant regulatory aspects on the limits in which the candidates can operate or by clarifying the legal framework applicable, the Portugal FinLab represents not only an important incentive for innovative start-ups and incumbent institutions but also a competitive advantage to attract international companies to the country.

The first batch of eligible applications were announced on October, 29th and the meetings with the FinLab committee are underway.

GFDL is honored to have clients amongst the selected few.

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