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FinTech & Blockchain

The digital revolution, combined with shifting customer preferences, improves, disrupts and redefines the traditional role of financial services providers. Both new and old participants in this sector must choose between adopting or developing disrupting technologies or losing business to technologically savvy competitors.

GFDL advises on both sides of the spectrum, smoothing the transition between traditional and disruptive industries. We assist traditional businesses in facing and adapting to new ways and methods of doing business and guide FinTech and disruptive enterprises through old world regulation.

Our firm’s long-term strategic focus has been on industries that are being disrupted by technology. We have developed the expertise to ensure our clients a clear competitive edge.

We advise new and established players and institutions in designing, developing or investing into new technologies and strategies, regardless of the size of the investment target.

FinTech projects are supported by cross-disciplinary teams composed by experts in corporate and securities, tax, regulation and intellectual property. This approach enables our clients to thread safely while engaging in strategic transactions, complying with regulation and tackle litigations issues that may arise.

GFDL advises both sides of the spectrum, smoothing the transition between traditional and disruptive industries.

The FinTech team advised on peer-to-peer lending, e-commerce and online transactions, encryption solutions, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), OTC entities, pure blockchain projects, cryptocurrency gambling and P2P lending, intellectual property and payment service and e-money institutions.

We understand the technologies that are fundamental to our client’s business models. This is crucial to being part of dedicated cross-disciplinary teams responsible for managing the legal and regulatory impact of cryptocurrencies, apps and software under development.

To know more about our Initial Coin Offering (ICO) advisory practice, click here.

Online businesses

We conduct complex cross-media work and advise on all aspects of intellectual property, e-commerce, tax, commercial contracts and all matters relevant for inventive, technology based and brand aware businesses.

The firm provides clients with deep legal knowledge of the ever-changing demands of online businesses and assists with strategic commercial issues, across several industries.

Our team has assisted in both the structuring of online businesses from scratch and also advised brick-and-mortar retail businesses in setting up online business in a tax efficient manner.

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