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Tracing and recovering your assets

At GFDL Advogados, we have extensive knowledge and expertise in Litigation, Debt Recovery, Criminal Law and AML and Banking regulations. We understand the complexities of Asset Tracing and Recovery of Funds and Assets that have been stolen or are victims of hacking.

The scale and impact of online scams on corporations, particularly Business Email Compromise (BEC), Email Account Compromise (EAC) and other bank transfer frauds, is increasing. Therefore, prevention is critical, and corporations must be aware of the risks and take steps to implement robust cybersecurity measures and training employees. Nevertheless, fraudsters and hackers often employ sophisticated tactics arising from increasing knowledge and expertise in reconnaissance, social engineering, phishing and malware attacks.

Due to this type of crime’s speed and highly organized nature, acting swiftly and decisively is often the only course of action in recovering lost funds and holding perpetrators accountable. Therefore, it’s key to work with legal experts able to swiftly implement a strategy to recover any funds or assets lost to fraud before they are dissipated.

We act for claimants in corporate fraud and asset tracing claims, obtaining emergency freezing orders and representing our clients in national and international fraud investigations and both criminal and civil suits, for recovery and compensation.

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