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We take time to understand the business from our clients’ point of view.

Our team assists with all aspects of forming a business entity, expanding or integrating it into an existing corporate group, joint ventures, distribution agreements, components procurement, divesting or recovery and bankruptcy proceedings.

At the outset of establishing new production units in Portugal, our team can advise on a myriad of issues confronting your business. Our cross-practice strength in this industry is key to providing comprehensive ongoing advisory to businesses regarding daily commercial matters, tax, employment, trade disputes, product liabilities and others.

We have assisted clients from numerous industries, including Construction, Shipping, Industrial Equipment & Chemicals, Luxury and Consumer Product, Agrobusiness and Food & Beverage.


We provide Consumer Product companies with the legal advice required during all stages of business, from brand design or idea, up to divesting stages. Our clients include leading retailers and manufacturers, medium sized family owned companies and design studios.

Retailers from all sizes and sectors must reinvent themselves from time to time. Change requires proper information, including sound legal advice. Our multi-disciplinary team provides easy to implement and pragmatic advice to all stages of the supply chain in a changing marketplace and across borders.

Our experience ranges from brand enforcement and employment issues to corporate transactions and confidentiality agreements, including reputation management and most issues found across the spectrum of business law.

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